Luxury Armoured Vehicles

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Level B4 Armour

Level B6 Armour

Yes, GSV can transform your personal luxury vehicle into a discreet armoured vehicle protecting you against the most severe threats, stopping bullets,  keeping you safe, saving your life!! 

Modern technology and engineering made it possible for civilian people to be safe and protected in their own luxury vehicles. 

GSV specializes in Discreet Luxury Vehicle armouring, from Level B3 up to Level B6.

With safety and life protection at the forefront, our armoured vehicles are developed with superior performance and leading engineering standards. In addition our advanced production capabilities, rapid vehicles delivery and large variety of vehicles product range make us the perfect solution for any security need.

GSV manufactures wide range of Luxury armoured vehicles using certified and approved materials that are perfect to protect our clients. We take pride and ownership in every activity of the armoured vehicle production cycle, right from the sourcing of the base vehicle and internationally certified armoring components.


The ultimate objective of team GSV is to safeguard lives, the most valued possession ever gauged.


Every vehicle that gets rolled out of the GSV manufacturing facility boasts of superior craftsmanship making it highly discrete with original OEM appearance. 

Sitting in an armoured vehicle produced by GSV you will have  peace of mind, knowing that the maximum has been done to guarantee your safety.

Our customers privacy, security and safety is of high importance to GSV, for this reason we keep our website data and images limited.


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Saving Lives ...... Protecting Assets ....