Level B4




If you have a need to drive an armored car, you better drive a car made by professionals.


Although the matter is not too complicated, making a proper choice of an armored vehicle does require certain knowledge of the ballistic and blast protection.

Ballistic Protection Levels (Armor Levels) – When considering an armoured car, not all are created equal. The first step to deciding on an armored vehicle is determining your ideal protection level. The protection level you need depends on a few factors. First is how you will be using the vehicle and the perceived threat level. Will the vehicle be used for tactical purposes or for day-to-day activities? In addition, factors like cost, vehicle type, and the number of passengers all affect the level of protection needed.

Level B4 - Protection against the most common hand guns on the street (Example: 9mm)

Level B6 - Protection against the most common assault rifles on the street (Example: AK47)


An armored vehicle is meant to provide maximum protection within the lowest possible weight, and the thickness of the glasses and nice finishing cannot be the only criteria of the selection.

The average weight added to vehicles and ballistic glass thickness:

Level B4: 140kg weight added / 22mm Glass thickness

Level B6: 350kg weight added / 38mm Glass thickness

There are a number of criteria that customers should take into consideration when purchasing an armored vehicle – required levels of ballistic and blast protection, if the vehicle is certified, if yes, by whom and according to which standard, the weight of the vehicle, what changes have been made to the suspension, and the probability that the vehicle purchased will provide the same level of protection as the one that was certified.


The most important difference between our armored vehicles and vast majority of the armored vehicles on the market - our vehicles will give you a real chance to survive if worse comes to worst.


Sitting in an armored vehicle produced by GSV you will have peace of mind, knowing that maximum has been done to guarantee your safety.